Processes & Technologies

JBG Power is integrated into a global network of leading technology providers, engineering companies and biogas experts. Our technical concepts are characterized by advanced, proven technologies, closed material and energy cycles and highly efficient biogas and electricity production processes. Special pre-treatment processes of the raw materials guarantee optimum biogas yields. Highly efficient combined heat and power plants produce electricity and heat with a total energy efficiency of more than 80%, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The output of our fermentation residuals treatment plants are fertilizers, heat and process water. The fertilizers, Ammonium-Sulfate and Calcium-Carbonate, substitute mineral fertilizers made from fossil gas or oil. The process water is recycled to the fermentation process. Modern biological air cleaning technologies avoid odour immissions. Last but not least, most advanced detection, safety and alarm systems, a professional operational system and a 24/7 staffed control center ensure health protection and avoid equipment damages.

Watch here the Biogas Production Process:

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